Adaptation Frontiers: Conference on European Climate Change Adaptation Research and Practice

The CIRCLE-2 network invites you to submit an abstract to its final conference “Adaptation Frontiers: Conference on European Climate Change Adaptation Research and Practice” on the 10th-12th March 2014 in Lisbon.The conference aims to share the results of 10 years of European cooperation in climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation research, and to pave the way for the development of new research in support of climate change adaptation in Europe in the next decade.

Within the constraints of the conference venue, everyone committed to adaptation research or policy in Europe is welcome to submit an abstract until the 25th November 2013.

Abstracts for oral presentation must be submitted in English and have a limit of 3 000 characters. Authors can submit a maximum of two abstracts for 12 themes:

Vulnerable sectors:

I. Agriculture and Forests

II. Coastal areas, marine biodiversity and fisheries III. Terrestrial biodiversity, ecosystems and nature conservation IV. Water resources and management V. Health and Urban areas VI. Economics, financial instruments and insurance

Crosscutting themes:

VII. Uncertainty and decision-making

VIII. Climate modeling, observations and scenarios: user needs for adaptation IX. Adaptation strategies, adaptation monitoring, evaluation and indicators X. Knowledge sharing and science-practice interactions XI. Climate adaptation services XII. Transition societal transformation, ethics, values and equity

Please visit the Adaptation Frontiers Conference website for more information or to submit an abstract: