Climate Change and Regional Response – Impacts and adaptation strategies for public, commercial and private actors (CCRR-2013)

The CCRR-2013 conference, held in Dresden (Germany), brings together international experts to discuss the state-of-the art and future directions in regional responses to climate change impacts on natural, social and economic systems. The event includes contributions from national and international climate change and adaptation research as well as from practitioners and policy makers. Current research findings and local/regional experience and results will be presented. Suitable conference papers shall be published as special issues or a refereed anthology. Abstracts are welcome for oral presentations and posters.

A Young Researchers Forum, held as part of the conference, focuses on “How to adapt to regional climate change? Perspectives from different disciplines.” The forum will provide opportunity for young researchers to share and discuss their work. The most enticing presentation(s) and idea(s) will be especially honored.

The conference is organised by the trans-disciplinary consortium dedicated to the development of climate change adaptation strategies at regional scale in the scope of the REGKLAM Model Project (