Deltas in times of climate change II

Deltas have problems in common. They can learn from each other. They can cooperate in research and find common innovative solutions. To foster cooperation and the sharing of knowledge and experience, the city of Rotterdam, the Dutch research programme Knowledge for Climate and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment wish to invite you to the second international Delta conference in the Netherlands.

Politicians, scientists, policy makers, practitioners, entrepreneurs –  all those wishing to know how deltas can adapt to climate change are invited to contribute. The organisers expect internationally known scientists, senior government officials, mayors of big delta cities and CEO’s of big companies to present and share their views, innovations and practices in the field of adaptation to climate change.

The accent of the conference is on planning and investment in times of climate change. Themes to be discussed are: flood risk management, salt intrusion and fresh water supply, adaptation in rural areas, climate proofing of cities, infrastructure and networks, climate projections, governance, decision support tools and cooperation.

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