Plenary session 2 – Towards more resilient flood risk governance

New insights will be generated during the conference based on discussion of the results of the STAR-FLOOD project. The second plenary is the platform where these new insights in flood risk management are shared. This includes novel insights from a scientific as well as a practical perspective. Themes vary and will include multi-sector coordination challenges, liability, compensation and distributional effects, public participation and private party involvement: all subjects the STAR-FLOOD researchers worked on for the past years.

The findings of the conference are input for the panel discussion that centres on the implications that the outcomes of STAR-FLOOD have on three levels: the practical level of implementation of flood risk governance in urban regions in Europe, the implications in the field of flood risk policy and the next steps in research on flood risk governance.

We aim to conclude this session, and thereby the conference, with meaningful results that will inspire all participants to have new thoughts and take new actions concerning flood risk governance!


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