Session 5 – A Design-oriented framework for Flood Risk Management?

Conveners: Maria Pettersson (Lulea University of Technology), Kristina Ek (Lulea University of Technology), Nico van der Schuit (Grontmij), Jana Steenbergen (Grontmij)

The session is devoted to presentations and discussions on the topic of how flood risk management should be designed: what are good practices and what policy recommendations can be derived from this? Professor Colin Green will give a presentation that covers general conditions and important factors for resilient, efficient and legitimate flood risk management. Mrs. Barbara Vael will present the flood risk management strategy of the ‘Vlaamse MilieuMaatschappij’: how are issues of resilience, efficiency and legitimacy implemented at local level? Finally, the results from the STAR-FLOOD research will be presented.


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