Session 6 – The challenge of public participation

Conveners: Ann Crabbé (University of Antwerp), Jan van den Bossche (Grontmij)

Involving the public in Flood Risk Management (FRM) is a challenge. How to get people involved? Who to involve? What to expect from participation? Organized in roundtable discussions, this session will shed light on public participation projects in FRM, from all around Europe.

After an introduction on the challenges of involving the public in Flood Risk Management, prof. dr. Marc Craps will share some lessons learnt from earlier experiences. Based on his experience in collaborative planning, social learning and adaptive management in water basin management, he has strong opinions on do’s and don’ts of public participation in water management.

After the guest speaker’s lecture, two roundtable discussions will be organized: one onEfforts to engage citizens in flood emergency management’ and the other one on ‘Involving citizens in flood risk mitigation’. Leading questions during the roundtable discussions will be: (1) What are the opportunities and barriers to delivering effective public participation initiatives? (2) What are the conditions for success in public participation initiatives? What factors constrain public participation initiatives? And (3) What factors constrain the transferability of one initiative from one country to another?


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