1. Introduction

Ellen KelderEllen Kelder, Programme manager Water, Municipality of Dordrecht

“As programme manager for Water in the municipality of Dordrecht, I have implemented a new approach to make the very vulnerable city, which is surrounded by major water courses, self-reliant in times of flooding. This process required not only state of the art technical insights to determine a smart combination of flood defences, evacuation routes, shelters etc. It also required insights in how to organise this change from a governance perspective. In this process, various authorities and research institutes in the Netherlands have successfully collaborated. The Delta programme provided a good platform for this. At the same time we have been involved in a number of European projects in which we exchanged experiences. Personally I think exchange between science and policy, and between different cities and regions is essential for good flood risk management. Therefore, I am happy with this Practitioners Guidebook and hope it will inspire many people.”