Tap water is often not pleasant to drink and has few health benefits. We all want the best water for our bodies. If you have heard of Kangen Water, in this article you can learn all about it.

What is Kangen Water?

Kangen water is active water that has been treated (ionized) by devices from the manufacturer Enagic. Kangen water is a basic water with a pH value of 8.5 to 9.5. It is also possible to produce strong Kangen water with a pH of about 11, but it is not intended for consumption and is used for cleaning textiles or washing food.

Note that the brand is a copyrighted term since 2005.

Origin of the term Kangen

Kangen is a Japanese word translated as “back to the roots”.

It means that :

  • water is returned to the state it often was in nature before the pollution of the earth.
    Kangen water is believed to help regenerate organ and skin tissue.
  • Kangen has become a common name in Japan and is often used today to describe pure, healthy, alkaline drinking water that is rich in minerals, cleaned of impurities and ionized by electrolysis to obtain active hydrogen rich in extra electrons.

Properties of Kangen water

Kangen water is purified and filtered

Kangen water is free of chlorine and heavy metals. An activated carbon filter purifies the tap water of chlorine and heavy metals. However, the minerals in the water are not lost. If you wish, you can use a pre-filter to filter the tap water more intensively.

Kangen water has a very high cellular capacity

It forms particularly small molecular clusters, which allows the water to better penetrate human cells where the body needs it.
During water treatment, the large clusters in tap water are reduced and divided into smaller microclusters during the electrolysis process, which gives Kangen water its cellular penetration properties.

Kangen water is basic

kangen water phTo combat acidity in the body, drinking slightly alkaline water is exactly what you need. (pH of 8 to 9.5 maximum)! Thanks to its slightly basic pH, Kangen water helps to de-acidify the body, which is an important quality in today’s diet that is mainly characterized by an acidic pH.

It is good to know that even the drinking water ordinance indicates a pH of 9.5 as the upper limit. Higher pH values are not suitable for regular consumption, but can be used for external applications!

Kangen water is rich in antioxidants

Hydrogen-rich water has a high concentration of molecular hydrogen. Molecular hydrogen acts as an effective antioxidant that diffuses rapidly through cell membranes and can reduce free radicals, thereby suppressing oxidative stress.

Oxidation reactions in the body can produce free radicals, while antioxidants stop these reactions. High levels of oxidants and low levels of antioxidants in the body cause oxidative stress.

A steady supply of external sources of antioxidants should be part of the daily diet to reduce oxidative stress and associated damage.

Antioxidants are very beneficial to health. This is why Kangen Water is ideal for ingested supplements and vitamins, as it optimizes their action in the body.

How to make Kangen Water?

It is also possible to produce Kangen water yourself. All you need to do is use a device from Enagic’s Leveluk line.

Leveluk is similar to water ionizers from other manufacturers in terms of structure and electrolysis capacity. The term Kangen water is used in the user manual only for basic water pH 8.5, pH 9, pH 9.5 and pH 11. Filtered water and acidic water are not referred to as Kangen Water.

These devices simply connect to the water line and treat the water by electrolysis, similar to commercially available water ionizers. The main difference is that Leveluk machines can also produce highly acidic water, which is suitable for sterilizing food or cleaning glass surfaces.

Investing in such a machine can be interesting for households that want to turn tap water into very healthy drinking water and use it for various cleaning purposes for several years.

What chemical process is used to make Kangen water?

The electrodialysis process uses charged plates separated by an ion-permeable membrane to separate the water into alkaline and acidic halves. To do this, the mineral salts in tap water are broken down.

The most common mineral salts in tap water are calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate.

The charged plates cause the mineral salts in the water to separate, calcium and magnesium are attracted to the negatively charged plate, while carbonate is attracted to the positively charged plate.

Both calcium and magnesium are unstable in water, so they immediately combine with water molecules to form mineral hydroxides.

The carbonate is attracted to the positively charged plate, where it combines with the water and acidifies it.

The mineral hydroxides give Kangen water its alkaline pH and cause the surface tension of the water to decrease, making it easier for the body to absorb.

What makes Kangen water different from other ionized waters?

Kangen water is produced by electrolysis. Electrolysis is the method by which water is separated into alkaline and acidic water. The process provides beneficial hydrogen for your water.

You can buy a water ionizer from another brand, you will have a similar result.

The ideal PH of Kangen water

The desired pH of the resulting water can be chosen by the operator of the machine. The pH of alkaline and acidic water is always 14.

kangen waterThus, if absolute drinking water with a pH of 9.5 is selected, medium acidic water with a pH of 4.5 (used mainly for skin care) will also be produced.

If strongly acidic water with a pH of 2.5 (a strong disinfectant with many essential applications) is selected, strong Kangen water with a pH of 11.5 (a strong solvent mainly used for cleaning) will also be produced.

Disadvantages of tap water compared to electrolytically produced water :

  • Tap water does not contain mineral hydrates,
  • Tap water contains mineral carbonates. A water ionizer uses an electrochemical process, called electrodialysis, to convert the carbonate minerals in tap water into mineral hydrates.
  • The quality of alkaline water is determined by the ability of a water ionizer to convert these mineral carbonates into mineral hydrates.


Kangen water is simplified as hydrogenated alkaline water. The manufacturer, Enagic, makes a machine that takes normal tap water, filters out impurities and then separates the hydrogen and oxygen in the water, which is called electrolysis.

The result is alkaline, antioxidant, mineral-rich, pure, safe and healthy drinking water.

While these are the only devices that produce Kangen water, they are not the only ones that can produce alkaline water. In fact, there are a multitude of brands that produce water with different alkaline pH levels. The price of these brands of ionizers is much lower than Enagic’s.