The European Center for Flood Risk Prevention (CEPRI) is a non-governmental organization founded on December 1, 2006. It was created at the behest of several local authorities, notably the Council of Loiret, in partnership with the French State. CEPRI has managed to create a well-oiled network and become an indispensable intermediary between local governments and the State that advocates on their behalf on the issue of flood prevention and management. Among its varied activities, CEPRI publishes methodological guides and reports that regroup the best techniques from around France and Europe.

The mission of CEPRI is to provide technical and scientific support to local governments concerning flood prevention in management in France and in Europe. In order to accomplish this mission, CEPRI has set the following goals:

  • Share the best flood prevention techniques and develop pedagogical tools in the field of flood prevention, via the publication of methodological guides and reports.
  • Support local governments as they apply European and national legislation as well as guide them through the necessary steps while providing innovative solutions.
  • Foster a forum where knowledge, information and successful approaches can be openly exchanged among the major players in flood prevention.
  • Provide technical support and expertise to local, national, and European organisms that will modernize their vision of flood risk management and inspire them to build more resilient cities.
  • Guide the national government through the various regulatory changes such as flood directives, the national catastrophe reimbursement reform, cost-benefit analyses, the dangers of dykes and barrages, Urban Master Planning Units, natural disaster prevention plans, etc.

CEPRI will take care of the dissemination activities of STAR-FLOOD in France.

The following people are involved:

CEPRI Nicolas bis

Nicolas Bauduceau, technical and scientific director

Nicolas is a agricultural engineer with a bachelor’s degree in international economy, and currently CEPRI’s technical and scientific director. After starting his career as a survey coordinator for AScA (Applied Action Sciences), he studied a wide range of topics from 2002 to 2006: flood risk management and its link to regional planning, how to reduce vulnerability to floods, public policy evaluation, sustainable development in rural areas, and environmental conservation efforts. Since joining CEPRI in 2006, he has been using his vast expertise to help local authorities promote new approaches to flood prevention.

Nicolas Bauduceau

CEPRI Stéphanie

Stéphanie Bidault, managing director

After earning her bachelor’s degree in Public Law, Stéphanie completed a doctoral dissertation on “Area Management and Major Risk Prevention.” For a number of years, she was the head of the Public Law curriculum (natural disaster law in particular) at the Clermont-Ferrand School of Law and Political Science. She was also responsible at this time for training various teams. Since she came to CEPRI in February 2007, she has helped it become what it is today. She currently leads CEPRI as its managing director.

Stephanie Bidault

CEPRI JulienJulien Jadot, senior advisor on vulnerability

Julien Jadot, who holds a DESS in Water Quality and Management, came aboard in May 2010 as a senior advisor in charge of issues dealing with a land resistance to floods. Before joining our team, he worked for the NGO Solidarités International, where his responsibilities as “Water Sanitation and Hygiene” managing technical advisor later propelled him to the head of their activities in Chad. In addition to his work at CEPRI, he also teaches at the Bioforce Development Institute.

Julien Jadot

More information can be found at CEPRI’s website.