Institute for Agricultural and Forest Environment

The Institute for Agricultural and Forest Environment (IAFE) of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznan is the only research institute in Poland engaged in integrated research into the countryside environment.

The IAFE’s research have embraced a broad range of explorative areas: climate and water resources, climate change impacts, extreme weather events, geochemical and energy cycles, biodiversity with landscape structure, economy, sociology, and sustainable development. In the last two decades, the Institute has gradually increased its involvement in different aspects of flood studies. IAFE has successfully participated in a number of national and international research projects, therein several projects related to floods. Results of the research carried out in the Institute have been presented at many national and international conferences as well as published in scientific literature.

Research team for STAR-FLOOD Project are:

zbigniew_kundzewiczProf. dr habil. Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz, Professor of Earth Sciences. Areas of his main expertise are e.g.: water resources systems, extreme hydrological and meteorological events, impacts of climate variability and change, and sustainable development.



Dr habil. Piotr Kowalczak, a hydrologist. His main activities are: extreme flows – floods and droughts as well as legal, economic and social aspects of water management. He has taken part in numerous flood control operations, e.g. the great flood in Poland in 1997 on the Odra River.



Dr habil. Piotr Matczak is a sociologist specialized at the social and institutional elements of environmental problems.



Dr Malgorzata Szwed is a geographer focused on extreme hydrological events and impact of climate changes on water resources.



Adam Chorynski is a sociologist dwelling on the institutional aspect of adaptation to extreme weather events, and adaptive capacities of local communities.




Jakub_Lewandowski_compressedJakub Lewandowski is a sociologist who is keen on the institutional scope and knowledge management processeses, and their usage  in times of crises and insecurity.