Luleå University of Technology (LTU)

The Division of Social Sciences at Luleå University of Technology is composed of four academic disciplines: Law, Economics, Political Science and History. Research within the Division is policy oriented, and focuses on environmental and natural resources management, including energy. Overarching research questions are for example: Why do environmental problems occur? How can these problems be addressed from a Social Science perspective? As characteristic for Luleå University of Technology, research is conducted in close cooperation with industry and society.

LTU-participants in STAR-FLOOD

Staff profile:

maria_pettersonMaria Pettersson, LL.D. and M.Sc in Economics, is specialised in environmental and natural resources law. Her research is primarily focused on the function of law in relation to natural resources management and utilisation, often considering climate change. Examples of Dr. Pettersson’s research areas include: comparative law, renewable energy development, especially wind power; energy planning and permitting processes; mining; forest governance, including water issues; and biodiversity protection. Dr. Pettersson is also responsible for the master’s programme in Environmental and Natural Resources law at Luleå University of Technology.

kristina_ekKristina Ek, Ph.D. Ek’s research focuses on environmental economics with a specialisation in economic environmental valuation. Her previous work include studies on acceptance and valuation of renewable energy; different water management strategies, as well as the advantages and drawbacks of using deliberative approaches in the implementation of various environmental measures. Ek is currently Vice Dean of the Philosophical Faculty of Luleå University of Technology.

susana_goytiaSusana Goytia Casermeiro, LL.M and Ph.D. student, studied Law at Universidad Católica de Salta, Argentina, and graduated in 2010. Before commencing her doctoral studies, Susana worked within the Professional Services at Luleå University of Technology, writing and reviewing international cooperation agreements. She has a strong background in International Law and is fluent in Swedish, English and Spanish.


elin_spegelElin Spegel, M.Sc in Economics and Ph.D student. Spegel has pursued her studies at Luleå University of Technology (bachelor’s degree) and at Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law (Master’s degree). Her previous research includes Cost-utility analyses and Cost-benefit analyses.