Grontmij is one of Europe’s top consultancy and engineering firms, providing services related to Planning & Design, Water & Energy, Transportation & Mobility and Monitoring & Testing. In STAR-FLOOD Grontmij coordinates the knowledge dissemination: connecting research, policy and practice.

Grontmij has a strong position in flood management. Operating from offices throughout the EU, our companies portfolio consists of a diversity of projects related to flood management, e.g., flood defence, climate proof urban development and disaster management. As a result, our consultants together provide access to an extensive (inter)national network of policymakers and practitioners.

Grontmij Netherlands coordinates the Work package Networking and dissemination, and takes care of the dissemination at the EU level and in the Netherlands. Grontmij consultants in Sweden, United Kingdom, Belgium, France and Poland take care of the dissemination in their own country.

The following people are most involved in the project (their roles in STAR-FLOOD are indicated between brackets):

tom_raadgeverTom Raadgever (Work package leader and dissemination at EU level) is expert in bridging science, policy and practice. Please contact Tom for further information.

Tom Raadgever


martijn_steenstraMartijn Steenstra  (knowledge dissemination in the Netherlands) is specialized in spatial planning in relation to water management and climate adaptation.

Martijn Steenstra


jan_vd_bosscheJan Van Den Bossche (knowledge dissemination in Belgium) is a senior civil engineer, currently working as knowledge manager.

Jan van den Bossche


wojciech_kiewiszWojciech Kiewisz (knowledge dissemination in Poland) is environmental engineer / project manager in environmental and flood protection projects.

Wojciech Kiewisz


DougLewisDoug Lewis (knowledge dissemination in the UK) has strong experience in flood risk management, hydrology, river engineering, and water-resource investigations.

Doug Lewis


heidi_bjorklundHeidi Björklund (knowledge dissemination in Sweden) is working as an environmental consultant and legal advisor, in transdisciplinary fields of science and policymaking.

Heidi Bjorklund