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The research group Society and Environment, part of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Antwerp, has developed a tradition in social scientific environmental research with high policy relevance since the 1980s.
The main field of research is environmental sociology and environmental policy sciences. These strands of research are relevant for a good understanding of contemporary environmental problems, as we perceive environmental problems to be essentially social problems. Special attention is given to analytical aspects of policy innovation, policy organization and policy evaluation, public support and stakeholder participation, inter- and transdisciplinarity (science-policy-society relations), the social construction of risk and social impact assessment. The research work is mainly qualitative.
Applications are to be found in subfields of the environmental domain, such as integrated water management, environment & health, disposal of nuclear waste, sustainable materials management and town and country planning.

Staff members who will be undertaking the work in the STAR-FLOOD project:

ilse_lootsProf. Dr. Ilse Loots is professor and leader of the research group Society and Environment of the University of Antwerp. She specializes in the study of (and action-research on) policy-science relations and knowledge arrangements. She has ample experience with expert and stakeholder consultations on uncertainty and controversial topics. As co-promoter, Ilse Loots will be responsible for general follow-up of the UA participation to the research project.


ann_crabbeDr. Ann Crabbé is senior researcher and member of the research group Society and Environment of the University of Antwerp. Ann has a PhD in political and social sciences (2008). Her doctoral thesis was on the institutionalization of river basin management and integrated water policy in Flanders (2008). The introduction and evolution of new modes of governance, explaining institutional stability and change, and developing and implementing methods for policy evaluation are her main research topics. As promoter, Ann will be responsible for the general follow-up of this research project and will dedicate 50% of her working time to do research in this project.

Hannelore_Mees4Hannelore Mees holds a Master in EU-Studies, which she obtained at Ghent University in 2010. In addition, she graduated as a Master in Environmental Science at Antwerp University in 2011. Before joining the STAR-FLOOD project, Hannelore has been active in the international NGO and private sector. Besides Dutch, she is fluent in English, German and French.



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