University of Rabelais de Tours

The University François Rabelais of Tours is a multidisciplinary university teaching and developing research in Arts and Social Sciences, Law, Economics, Management, Humanities, Health, Medicine, Sciences and Technology. It is structured in seven main departments and a school of engineering.

The university regroups about 40 centres of research. The two research units that are involved in STARFLOOD Project are the UMR 7324 CITERES (Cité Territoire Environnement Société) and the EA 2108 LERAP (Laboratoire d’Etudes et de Recherches sur l’Action Publique.

The research centre CITERES specializes in planning and environmental issues. It is composed of 80 research fellows and 70 PhDs from various disciplines such as sociology, geography, planning, ecology.

The LERAP is a research Centre specialising in Law applied to public action, and more specifically to local government policies. It is composed of 22 research fellows and 15 PhDs.

The Staff members involved in the project:

Corinne LarrueProf. Corinne Larrue is Full Professor in planning and environmental public policies at the University of Tours. She has already conducted research on the implementation of flood policy, and directed PhD research about the public participation issue in Flood public policies in France.

Mathilde GralepoisDr. Mathilde Gralepois is assistant professor in planning and local governance at the University of Tours. She carries out studies on risk prevention public policies, and civil security ()

Marie Fournier


Dr. Marie Fournier is Associated Professor in Geography in University of Mulhouse and research fellow associated to the research centre CITERES. The main focus of her research is on flood management policies and public participation in France.

C Manson smallDr. Corinne Manson is Associated Professor in Public Law at the University of Tours. Her major field of research and teaching is planning with a focus on Law perspective.

Nicolas Cayrol


Prof. Nicolas Cayrol is Full Professor in Private Law; He is specialist in private litigation applied to various domains.




JB small3Jean-Baptiste Trémorin studied political science and is a specialist in urban planning. His knowledge on French public law will also come in handy during this project.



Levy2Lisa Lévy is currently a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Tours in France as part of the team dedicated to the STAR-FLOOD project. She  recently completed her PhD thesis in geography and spatial planning and worked previously during four years for a local authority (General council in the Paris Region) . Her PhD dealt with the informal practices of governance around airports, analysed through the theory of organizational improvisation.  Her  expertise focuses on the governance adjustment in the field of spatial planning as well as tools of public action towards territories.


Thuillier4Thomas Thuillier is a PhD candidate in public law at the Laboratory for Studies and Researches on Public Action (LERAP) at the University of Tours. He holds a LL.M in Land Planning Management (2014). He is currently preparing a PhD called “The French public law of natural disasters” under the supervision of Pr Nathalie Albert and Dr Corinne Manson. He also works as a Teaching Assistant in public law at the University of Tours.


Schellen_compressedPrior to completing a PhD in environmental law, Thomas Schellenberger worked as a Teaching Assistant in public law at the University of Aix-Marseille and at the Political Sciences Institute in Grenoble. His doctoral work addressed the issue of geological waste disposal, with a focus on the underground and long term consequences of industrial activities there. He also worked with biologists, geologists, geographers and town-planners on several interdisciplinary research projects related to environment. Besides his academic work, he teaches public law to state officials (legislation on environment and risks, town planning).


Silvia Bruzzone is a researcher in sociology at the Laboratory CITERES (Laboratoire Cités, Terrioitres Environnement et Societés) in Tours. Her work concentrates on public policies linked to environmental risks (floods, wildfires). In particular, her research interests focus on the role of knowledge in natural risks management and urban planning.