Utrecht University Environmental Governance

Utrecht University; Research group on Environmental Governance

The research group on Environmental Governance, Faculty of Geosciences, has profound experience in analysis of governance processes in the fields of biodiversity, water management, urban-, regional and infrastructure planning, climate change policy and risk management. The group is the overall coordinator of the STAR-FLOOD programme, both content-wise and in terms of project management.


Prof. Peter Driessen is the coordinator of STAR-FLOOD. He holds an MA in Urban and Regional Planning (1986) and a PhD in Policy Sciences (1990). Currently he is Professor of Environmental Studies at Utrecht University, and the is the Vice-Dean for research . He is also a member of the Advisory Committee of the Dutch government on water law affairs and is an active member of JPI Climate.

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Dr. Carel Dieperink studied Public Administration at Twente University and defended his PhD-thesis on the development of the international Rhine water quality regime at Utrecht University (1997). Currently, he is assistant professor of Environmental Studies at Utrecht University. He has been engaged in projects on integrated coastal zone management, implementation of the Water Framework Directive, international river basin management (development of the regime for the Rhine), and knowledge co-production.
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MHNB2015_emailformatDr. Marloes Bakker has an MSc in Environmental Sciences (2000, VU Amsterdam, emphasizing environmental policy) and a PhD in Resource Geography (2006, emphasizing transboundary water management and conflict resolution) from Oregon State University. Prior to joining the STAR-FLOOD team, Marloes worked at the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency on international projects related to, amongst other things, global flood vulnerability. Together with Dries Hegger, she assists the programme coordinator with the programme’s scientific coordination and integration.

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Dr. Dries Hegger holds a PhD in environmental sociology (Wageningen University, 2007). In his PhD research, he analysed transitions in wastewater infrastructures in Western society, both from a systemic and from an end-user perspective. He has also conducted contract research commissioned by the Dutch drinking water sector as well as post-doc project on science-policy interfaces for climate change adaptation in regions. Together with Marloes Bakker, he assists the programme coordinator with the programme’s scientific coordination and integration.



EvelineEveline Helsper (MSc) works at the Research Support Office of the Faculty of Geosciences at Utrecht University. In this capacity, she is responsible for most day to day activities related to the financial and administrative project management tasks of STAR-FLOOD.