Sharing STAR-FLOOD results: from science to practice!

The results of four years of flood risk management research are relevant for a wide variety of target groups. Specific deliverables have now been published for these target groups. To introduce lessons about improving flood risk management and governance in Europe to policymakers, Policy Briefs have been published. In addition, we are proud to present the Practitioner’s Guide which translates results for use in practice throughout Europe.

Three Policy briefs are circulated. The first brief introduced flood risks, management strategies, governance arrangements and general recommendations based on literature. The second brief is written for policymakers at the EU level. It introduces lessons for improving flood risk management and governance in Europe, focusing on the role of the European Commission and the implementation of the Floods Directive. Recommendations for policymakers at national and subnational level are summarised in the third policy brief. These are made specifically for the six countries participating in STAR-FLOOD.

Find the links to these policy briefs here:

The Practitioner’s Guide translates research results for use in practice throughout Europe. It aims to inspire policymakers and other practitioners throughout Europe to re-evaluate their flood risk management practice and learn from practices in other countries. It gives a stepwise approach towards improvement of governance arrangements. The guide is divided into the main phases of flood management: ‘before’, ‘during’ and ‘after’ an event. For each of these phases, practical examples from the different STAR-FLOOD countries are given. Each examples is linked to specific flood risk management strategies, flood risk governance arrangements and the aims of resilience, efficiency and legitimacy.

The Practitioners Guide is available as interactive, online version ánd as pdf-report in 5 different languages (English, Dutch, French, Polish and Swedish) by clicking here.