Discover the latest on resilient flood risk governance during the Star Flood Conference (Brussels, 4-5 February 2016)

With key note speakers such as head of OECD’s Water Governance Programme Aziza Akhmouch and Professor of European and Dutch Water Law at the University of Utrecht Marleen van Rijswick and researchers and practitioners from all over Europe, the STAR-FLOOD conference is the right place to get new ideas and insights on flood risk governance. During this 2-day conference 150 selected invites explore the changes that are needed to develop more resilient flood risk governance.

In her key note speech, Aziza Akmouch explores the ideal system of flood risk governance. What is needed to tackle current problems and achieve the best possible outcome? She will show examples from countries all around the world. Marleen van Rijswick presents the legal results of STAR-FLOOD research. What can we learn from the current systems of flood risk governance in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and the UK? After over three years of research, Marleen shows common challenges and lessons we can learn from each other.

The event will host eleven interesting interactive sessions. The programme of the sessions can now be seen here. You will be able to participate in sessions on insurance systems, transboundary cooperation, public participation and awareness raising, legal instruments, funding, and many more. During the final plenary session the first version of the ‘Practitioners Guidebook’ will be launched. The Guidebook presents the lessons from STAR-FLOOD – including common challenges and inspiring best practices – in a short book tailor-made for policymakers and other practitioners.

The conference closes with a challenging panel discussion on the future of flood risk governance. Experts with different backgrounds will share their opinion about the next steps to develop more resilient flood risk governance: for European policies, for flood risk management within the countries, and for future research.

Some practical information: admission to the conference is only on invitation. There is no participation fee. If you are interested and didn’t receive an invitation yet, you can contact the organisers at Updates about the program, sessions and speakers will be published here as well.