New OECD report out on water governance in the Netherlands: "Fit for the Future?"

Is Dutch water management fit for the future? This was the principle question raised by Dutch authorities in 2012 and investigated by the OECD in 2013. The research resulted in a thorough report that was published in February 2014. It reveals the current state of water governance in the Netherlands.

According to the OECD website:

“‌‌This report assesses the extent to which Dutch water governance is fit for future challenges, and outlines an agenda for the reform of water policies in the Netherlands. It builds on a year-long policy dialogue with over 100 Dutch stakeholders, supported by robust analytical work and drawing on international best practice.”

“The report highlights the past successes of Dutch water management, examines potential weaknesses for the future and suggests ways to put the system on a more sustainable footing. These include fostering a greater engagement of stakeholders outside the government, using economic incentives more systematically and improving transparency of information on water costs.”

The report can be downloaded here.