Report workshop implementation flood directive published

In October 2013 over fifty participants from over 20 EU member states convened to discuss the implementation of the EU Floods Directive in an interactive workshop. The workshop was organized by the Working Group on Floods of the Common Implementation Strategy committee structure established for the Water Framework and Floods Directives and the STAR-FLOOD project.

A summary of the workshop has been presented in an earlier news item. Recently, the full report of the workshop was published. It is an official workshop report of the WG F and a STAR-FLOOD project deliverable. The interested reader may find, first, reflections on how EU Member States are implementing the EU Floods Directive, in particular how they are defining Objectives to be included in Flood Risk Management Plans, identifying Measures and prioritising them. The report also provides guidance on how Member States could improve their practices in this regard. Second, the reader may find reflections on how the STAR-FLOOD project intends to improve its research practices in order to maximally contribute to the knowledge needs of policymakers and practitioners, WG-F members in particular.

The report can be accessed here.