STAR-FLOOD presents itself to the EU Working Group F on Floods

A delegation of the STAR-FLOOD team was invited to present our project during the 13th meeting of the EU Working Group F on Floods of the Common Implementation Strategy of the Water Framework Directive on April 19th, 2013. This Working Group consists of high level flood risk management policymakers from all EU Member States, as well as NGOs and other interested organisations.

One core objective of Working Group F is to provide a platform for dialogue and support of the implementation of the Directive. The other core objective is information exchange. Such exchange is strongly needed so EU Member States can learn from each other’s’ good practices and experiences with flood risk management.

 Wa are very excited to start discussing good governance practices and remaining challenges with policymakers and other stakeholders throughout the EU, in order to incorporate and elaborate them in the STAR-FLOOD project. This may be the first step towards continuous cooperation aimed at improving the implementation of the Floods Directive.