Work packages


The research programme will be divided into eight work packages, each contributing to one or more sub-goals. The empirical core is formed by the country-specific analyses (WP3) and their comparison (WP4). As a first step, a problem analysis is provided (WP-1) our assessment framework is refined and operationalized (WP-2). For these two steps, we will make use of state-of-the-art scientific literature and information on good/bad practices so far. Moreover, insights from scientific experts and practitioners will be used. To this end, as part of WP1 and 2, EU-wide expert panels with policymakers and stakeholders will be used. As part of WP2, a joint case study protocol will be developed ensuring that the case studies will be conducted in a systematic and comparable manner. We intend to apply the following data collection methods: desk research, expert panels, interviews and workshops.

The country-specific studies (WP-3) are aimed at providing a SWOT-analysis and will be carried out by interdisciplinary teams of public administration and legal researchers. Three vulnerable urban agglomerations in each country will be studied. We will analyse the emergence of FRGAs in these regions and subsequently try to explain the dynamics found, before evaluating the FRGAs using the criteria of appropriateness and resilience.

In the next stage of the research programme, the results and conclusions from the country-specific studies will be compared (WP4). From the comparison, design principles for appropriate and resilient FRGAs will be derived (WP5), comprising capacity building programmes, process requirements, participatory approaches, tools, and legal and financial guidelines that could be applicable in several contexts. These design principles will be tailored to specific target groups. Moreover, we intend to formulate recommendations for a successful coupling between the five different FRSs. In parallel to WP1-5, three WPs will run, one on scientific integration (WP6), one on knowledge dissemination (WP7) and one on overall project management (WP8).