Joint AESOP/ACSP Congress Dublin 15th – 19th July 2013

The organisers of the joint AESOP/ACSP congress cordially invite you to Dublin, one of the most exciting and dynamic European cities, and to the wonderful island of Ireland – the place of Celtic Tiger and Celtic Resilience.

Come to:

  • hear and debate the latest in planning and policy research and practice
  • visit sites of planning action and inaction – including new town development, urban cultural and waterfront regeneration, edge city development, post recession urbanscapes, social housing renewal, heritage preservation, transport planning and city bike scheme, capital projects
  • enjoy the Irish hospitality, beautiful landscapes and culture

The French team of the STAR-FLOOD consortium will be presenting their first case study work on the city of Le Havre, in track 14 : Risks, Disasters & Planning, on Tuesday July 16th (18:30 – 20:00). Mathilde Gralepois will discuss whether risk mitigation with structural mesaures (upper-elevation, empty spaces, huge rain water reservoir, etc.) creates a specific architectural landscape in dense urban areas.