Au revoir!

By Lisa Lévy and Silvia Bruzzone

Although the STAR-FLOOD project is still very much alive and kicking (the WP3 deliverables have just been submitted to the EU!), some of our STARFLOODies are moving on… Silvia Bruzzone and Lisa Lévy have taken on other research positions, but did not want to leave without saying a couple of words:

Au revoir… Tot ziens… Hej da… Do Widzenia… Auf Wiedersehen…Levy2

It’s a bit weird to write a farewell (column) while I’m “skyping” and writing every week (if not every day) to someone in the team. The show goes on, I’m still here 😉

How to sum up these rich and busy months though?
It has been a bit more than one and a half year of… great actors, great discourses, great rules and great resources.

Actors: as we said many times, we had this feeling of having met some new friends. I’m sure we’ll stay in touch for serious and less serious matters. Even our supervisors were fun, that is to say… They did a great job I want to thank them especially for that.

Discourses: we discussed and discussed… and wrote and spoke… about flooding of course, trying to float over all 5 strategies and not to drown ourselves in the PAA. I was quite doubtful about the possibility to build a common discourse on all these complex topics, on all those strategies, and to have a common understanding of the arrangements. It was a challenge in itself I think, but the result seems to contradict this initial fear and in the end, we can all be proud of ourselves !

Rules: “we kindly remind you that”… I won’t say anything else 😉

Resources: great trips for sure. On planes, on boats, on roads. We proved that the team had so many unexpected capabilities. Rafting, singing, dancing, diving in cold and hot spots…

Thanks for all the great moments we have shared and once again: till next time !



Au revoir STAR-FLOOD !photo-Silvia-Bruzzone_cropped

After one and a half year my adventure with STAR-FLOOD ends here.

I wish to thank all the colleagues for this very nice and unexpected journey across flooding all over Europe!

For a sociologist, there was indeed still much to learn from the object itself, flooding/urban planning etc, but also and first of all from the work we have done together: the extent to which different disciplines, languages and visions may be willing to meet and to overcome potential disciplinary/national/cultural barriers in the obstinate intention to work on a common thing.

It was interesting to see this last one emerging little by little through, certainly, the sharpening of theoretical and methodological tools but also through long lasting and friendly discussions during our meetings, cross reading/comments of each other’s reports, visits in each country of the consortium, publication projects, and last but not least through sharing a drink!

I have specially liked this laborious but also satisfying work, which has been done in a very pleasant ambience where good humor was always present!

If there is one evident result of this project it is the fact that, thanks to this collective effort, we have made a step forward in order to make flooding a European issue – while acknowledging national and regional differences. This is I think the first and unavoidable step in order to provide the thing – flooding – a far-reaching frame and answer.

I wish all of you a good  ending of the project and see you maybe some days on another STAR 🙂 !