Typically Yorkshire responses to floods

By Marloes Bakker

During the holiday break, parts of northern England suffered from floods after 2 days of heavy rain. The UK Met Office confirmed that December has been the wettest on record for Cumbria since records began in 1910. And while one Yorkshire newspaper claimed it would be “unthinkable” that the floods that have hit the country in recent days could ever be seen in London, and discussions about funding are heating up again, it is inspiring to see how people keep up their spirits – here are some typical Yorkshire responses to the floods, nicely captured in social media posts. You can find more by clicking here (thanks Clare Barnes for bringing this to our attention!).

A couple pushed ahead with their wedding despite the floodwaters nearby – but they took their rainboots with them just in case.








These people réally wanted a pint and didn’t let the floodwaters stop them.








This woman cleans the inside of her wine bar while ignoring the water outside.