Governance Challenges

 The  implementation and alignment  of a resilient set of Flood  Risk Management  Strategies is not straightforward and may encounter many barriers. The STAR-FLOOD consortium identified governance challenges related to four  dimensions: actors, rules, power  and  resources, and discourses. Major challengse for each dimension include:

  • Actors: the necessity  to  organise  joint  working  between  relevant  actors  in  an  effective  way;  the division of responsibilities; to  adequately involve  stakeholders; to  optimise  the  science-policy  interface;
  • Rules:  the translation of general Flood Risk Management principles into a set of more specific organisational, substantive and procedural provisions; 
  • Resources: efficient and joint use of resources; connecting current (individual) investments to long term collective benefits; the role of insurance;
  • Discourses: the realisation of a discursive shift.

Overall, FRGAs tend to be highly fragmented. A major overall challenge is the development and implementation of inspiring bridging concepts which change agents may use to create synergies between key actors. Concepts like Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) or climate proofing are examples of this.

See also: D1.1.2 An exploration of Governance Challenges