Final conference STAR-FLOOD 4-5 February 2016 in Brussels

STAR-FLOOD’s final conference will be held on Thursday 4 and Friday 5 February 2016 in the HUSA President park hotel in Brussels. The results of four years of STAR-FLOOD-research are presented at this conference, giving new insights in Flood Risk Management and Governance in Europe. Unique in the project is that policy scientists and legal scholars collaborated on flood risk management. They conducted an extensive empirical research in 6 countries and 18 regional cases. This new angle to analysing Flood Risk Management results in innovative results.

Researchers and practitioners will come together at this conference to discuss how to improve Flood Risk Management, from both a science  perspective and a practice perspective. During the conference we will discuss different Flood Risk Management Strategies and specific governance themes, such as multi-sector coordination challenges, liability, compensation and distributional effects, public participation and private party involvement. Furthermore, the ‘Practitioners Guide’ is released: a practical guidebook that can be used by all Flood Risk Management  practitioners throughout Europe to improve implementation!

Some practical information: admission to the conference is only on invitation. If you are interested and didn’t receive an invitation yet, you can contact the organisers at  Updates about the programme, sessions and speakers will be published soon on